SEC31 - 16" H x 8" D x 16" W - Steel Electric Enclosure Cabinet (Without False Back Panel), All Smooth Powder Coated Dark Gray Finish, Single Side Open Door with Double Stainless Steel Twist Over-Center Lock.

Retail Price: $148.00
Price: $110.08
  • SKUSEC31-A-16816SD-SOG
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    SEC – Electrical Enclosure Cabinets - Steel 

Electrical cabinets are heavy duty, high capacity and offer easy access to your electrical equipment and components. Cabinets can be mounted on walls or any horizontal flat surface. Electrical boxes are available in different sizes, and can be ordered custom size. All Dakota Plains Fabrication boxes are designed and built to keep your equipment safe and secure.


• An engineered steel construction

• Powder coated baked-on finish

• Fully seam welded on all seams and corners

• Stainless steel hinge

• Optional channel braced reinforced door

• Optional mounting bracket and air vents

• Stainless steel latch

• Internal option mounted false back panel

• Rain gutter and automotive type weather seal

• Mounting kit included or optional

• Can be ordered in custom size.

• Listing Pending

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